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    Kangali babu lived with her only daughter Krishna. He was very fond of money. Every time he tried to cut the cost of everything. One day a tenant couple came to his house. Within few days, the new tenant started to love Krishna as his or her own child, but every time Kangali babu showed, his mean mind and that made the new couple very upset. In fact, Kangali babu completely ignored Krishna’s love and settled Krishna’s marriage with a person who was mentally retired. After lots of incidents, Kangali babu died without any treatment. After his death, Krishna found Kangali babu left huge wealth for his only child.
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    A medical student, Aditi (Debasree Roy), returns to visit her mother (Aparna Sen) in Calcutta. She has spent most of her childhood at a boarding school and doesn’t know much about her parents, particularly her father who died when she was young. Her mother Sarojini, a noted dancer is preparing to receive an important prize. The girl is still obsessed with the loss of her father and as his death anniversary approaches, she becomes increasingly despondent; something her mother fails to notice as she is caught up in the brouhaha surrounding the award. A tragedy catches the mother’s attention and finally mother and daughter make their peace.
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    On a windy night, a happy family is torn apart when the elder brother is killed by a local goon and his younger brother and wife are tortured and their three kids are separated. The younger brother is arrested on the charge of murdering his elder brother and his wife is left alone. The elder brother’s son is taken away by the goon to serve his purpose. The younger brothers run away where the elder brother drops his sibling at a temple and falls in the hands of a rich couple. The forlorn mother finds the job of a governess at a residence and the three young brothers starts growing up in different places, unknown of each other’s identity. Destiny brings them together again, after two decades. Their father is released from jail. On the auspicious day of Viswakarma Puja, the identity of the three brothers is revealed through a coincidence. The old parents and the whole family in united.
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    Bhojogobindo is a stationmaster and shares a bitter sweet relationship with his wife Nityakali. Nityakali is the president of the local Mahila Samiti. The Samiti aims at welfare of the women and does good for the village. Nityakali decides to wedge an open war against Gopi Mitra, another resident of the village known for his illegal transactions. Motia is Bhojia, a coolie’s wife who helps Gopi Mitra in smuggling. Motia gets into a bad fight with a Mahila Samiti member villager because the latter cut a gourd from her gourd plant. This trivial issue is blown out of proportion and Mahila Samiti on one side and Gopi Mitra, Bhujia and Motia on the other side face off against each other and a series of other humorous incidents follow. Things go to such an extent wherein the trains travellling from the village are stopped. The matter is ultimately resolved by Nityakali’s father Kuladananda who proves to everyone that Nityakali is the rightful owner of the land as well as the gourd plant and therefore, the gourd.
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    Abhijit Bhattacharya, the elder son of an orthodox Brahmin family is married to Bandana, highly qualified good looking women. After seven years of their marriage Abhijit died in a car accident. Her son Abhirup cannot tolerate her mother in the dress of a widow. And that reason he got affected by o mental disease. According to the doctor's advices she acts as married women by wearing colored sari in front of his son. For this she faces a lot of disgrace. Her father -in -law took her last wealth. Hearing the death news of Abhijit her uncle paresh babu come to Bandana and took her to his own house .Bandana manages a job by the help of her husband's friends Bimalendu Ghoshal. Abhirup learns painting from an artist named sudipto sarkar. One day she meets him. Gradually through different incidents they come close contact each other. On the other hand Abhirup loves Titly, the daughter of professor of his own collage. Titly and her mother pours scandalous words about Bandana to Abhirup. Kali, who is her sister -in-law says to Bandana to marry sudipto sarkar and Bandana, becomes confused. But Abhirup cannot accept this relationship. After few days Abhirup and Titly get married. After that Bandana comes to ''Sishukalyan Mandir'' to live among the orphans giving her wealth. Later Abhirup, Titly and her mother realized their mistake and come to her for pardon but she refuses to meet then and remains beyond the curtain.
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    Chandi is a village girl. She is bold, brave and extremely courageous. She is the protector of the underdog and punishes the wrong doers of the society in her own way. The zamindar of the estate witnesses Chandi at her act of justice and decides to marry her to his younger son. However his wife opposes as Chandi hails from a not so rich household and proposes her marriage to the elder son Gobindo, a mentally challenged man and the son of Zamindar’s late first wife. Chandi only comes to know this blatant truth on the day of her marriage however accepts her fate. As she starts living in the royal household she realizes that Gobindo is not retarded by birth. It is the wife of the Zamindar who had given him medication from his childhood to ensure that he does not become fit enough to take the royal responsibility from his father and it passes to her son Nibarun. Nibarun is a drunkard and treated his elder brother like trash and never hesitated to even beat him up. Bit by bit Chandi takes complete responsibility of Gobindo. She teaches him how to speak, read and write. Gobindo shows signs of improvement and very soon he starts behaving as any normal human being. Nibarun is alarmed as this would mean that the property would go out of his hand and in sheer anger canes Gobindo. Chandi witnesses this violence and canes Nibarun in return. The Zamindar is shocked when he is made to face the reality by Chandi. He falls ill and very soon passes away. Nibarun hatches a plot to kill Gobindo but is rescued by Chandi. Both Nibarun and his mother realize their mistake. They are united.
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    Interpol agent Himadri gets into Sea king Company by means of faking love with Nina, the daughter of Mr. Sehgal. Himadri’s actual plan is to get access to the secret documents of Mr. Sehgal who has an alliance with Mr. Sato. Sato has a chart of the gold treasures dipped under the ocean and Kamakazi, the Japanese Smuggler is after it. Interpol plans to catch Kamakazi through Mr. Sehgal but unfortunately Himadri gets exposed and he is thrown out of the company. In the meantime a businessman gets kidnapped by Kamakazi whose daughter Mari is instructed to seduce Himadri. Helpless Mari agrees in order to save her family. Himadri and Mari, in spite of knowing each other’s background story falls in love. After some hard-hitting action, finally Interpol successfully busts kamakazi’s racket but the movie ends on a somewgat tragic note as Mari dies in this process and Himadri lives a lonely life.
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    Lalu and Chinta are neighbours and extremely good friends. One morning both of die and reach hell. However Yandyut exclaims that there was a mistake and that they were not the individuals he intended to kill. He orders Lalu and Chinta to be sent back to the earth but the latter claim for a tour of hell as compensation. Soon the friends find themselves back on earth but soon realize that their souls have been exchanges in error. This leads to a series of confusion of themselves as well as their near and dear ones. In the end their souls come back to themselves and there is no bound to their happiness, much to the amusement of the rest who did not know why they were so happy.
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    Dr. Dipta Roy was a successful doctor, extremely committed to his duty. After completing his FRCS from London, Dipta takes up the responsibility to run a hospital in the suburbs. He brings about a lot of welcoming changes to the setup and the way the treatment is done. He meets Achena a local schoolteacher with a nursing degree who offers assistance and together they run the hospital successfully. Soon they marry each other. After marriage, however Achena yearns to become more of a housewife and her commitment slackens. Dipta takes this extremely bitterly and soon a rift is created between the two. They separate. Many years later Dipta and Achena come face to face with each other again.
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    Sumita is the only daughter of a rich businessman. At a public function, she gets to meet singer Sanjay and loves his voice. She started taking music lessons from Sanjay and it does not take long before this two like-minded music lover fall for each other but Sumita’s father does not approve of this relationship and fixes her marriage to another guy. He tries to manipulate Sanjay so that he gets away from Sumita but when he fails, he takes his family to Bhubaneswar to separate the lovers. Sanjay and Sumita keep waiting for each other before Sanjay loses his eyesight in the hands of some goons. Sumita is falsely informed that Sanjay has died in an accident. Finally, Sumita agrees to marry as her father falls ill but at the last minute, she comes to know that Sanjay is still alive. The movie ends on a happy note as Sumita’s father undergoes a change of heart at his deathbed and donates his eyes to Sanjay.
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    Nandini is the only daughter of a poor widow who goes through extreme difficulties to raise her young girl. Nandini’s father had died mysteriously and it was suspected that his friend had committed the murder. He was seen often in the mother-daughter’s house pretending to be their well-wisher but actually all he wanted was the house which was their only possession. Nandini admires Ranjan, a violinist with talent who earned his bread by teaching music to the village kids. Their admiration turns into love and Nandini conceives. Her mother is not able to tolerate this news and commits suicide. Ranjan is not able to provide the social status to Nandini and she leaves the village and goes away. An old muslim finds her lying on the road. He adopts her and lets her stay with him. Nandini is blessed with a baby boy and she befriends the local Muslims who assist her is raising the kid. Meanwhile Ranjan comes to the city and meets Mitra, a charming young lady who helps him to become a famous musician. Mitra loved Ranjan but Ranjan has not forgotten Nandini. He does not stop his search to find her and ultimately he does find her. But its too late. Nandini was breathing the last few breaths on her death bed. She dies leaving her son in Ranjan’s hands.
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    Rana runs a music company and encourages young aspiring musicians to succeed. He meets Sabari, a beautiful lady with a melodious voice who comes to record a song in his studio. Rana and Sabari fall on love. Rana’s mother is against music as her husband, who also was a musician, had left her in pursuit of marrying another musician. Sabari’s father wants her to get married to Abhi however decides to meet Rana. Rana goes to Mumbai for business. He meets with an accident and loses his eyesight. He hides this fact from Sabari and tells her that he is going to abroad for good. Sabari is heartbroken. She and Abhi become close friends however Sabari is unaware that Abhi and Rana are close friends too. Finally the fact about the reasons behind Rana’s lies is disclosed and they get together once again.
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    Naxalite Sharma was well known during his college days and he was an extremely influential person who led a group of young men. However before the naxals are able to bring about the change, they are arrested. Sharma spends almost his life in the jail and suffers extreme hardship. When he is finally released he has no family or friends to go back to. He meets Gupta, his senior in college. Gupta remembered him and his brilliance and takes him home. Sharma meets Gupta’s only daughter Pragya and his wife. Pragya is an upcoming writer and has a huge collection of books. She and Sharma share a bitter sweet relationship. It is in the vicinity of these people where Sharma regains his confidence and beliefs and takes on life once again. He begins life again from the beginning.
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    Himangshu is a villageman who apart from practicing homeopathy helps the local people with their odds and ends. One day he gets a call from a rich man to escort his daughter Juthika to Patna. At first the rich and spoilt lady takes much disliking for the plain and simple Youngman but after having seen him from close quarters starts liking him. Soon her marriage is fixed to a bigshot. She confesses her feelings to Himangshu however he declines her love as he had a similar love failure in the past and did not want a broken heart again. He decides to leave the place and go away. Juthika breaks her engagement, leaves her family behind and choses to come along with Himangshu, proving all his apprehensions wrong.
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    Rajib and Rakhi love each other and get married. Rajib’s friend Ravi is a rich man’s son and a scoundrel. He gets into an affair with Bani but does not want to marry her when she conceives. Ravi’s father runs a big industry but does not trust his son. Rajib works for the same company. Rakhi conceives too. Rajib tries to convince Ravi to marry Bani however Ravi does not listen to him. They get into a fight. Ravi’s father gets his son arrested and leaves the empire in Ravi’s hands. Bani gives birth to a baby boy and dies leaving the newborn with Rajib. The new born is named Sanjay. Rakhi suspects that Rajib and Bani have an affair. Therefore she deserts Rajib and leaves. She gives birth to a baby girl and names her Sujata. Sanjay and Sujata grow up and they meet when Sujata gets a job in Rajib’s office. They fall in love. In the meantime Ravi is released from jail and he comes back to usurp Rajib’s kingdom. The truth of Sanjay’s and Sujata’s birth is revealed and misunderstanding between Rajib and Rakhi is sorted. The film ends on a happy note.
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    Raja is a charming con man. He is good at heart but in a bid to achieve shortcut to success he always end up lying. Raja gets romantically involved to Sumi, a pub singer with a horrifying past but when Sumi gets to know about Raja’s reality she feels cheated and leaves raja. Raja gets heartbroken but he fails to rectify himself. He starts to live in Abhay Charan’s house and starts blackmailing him. Abhay has a daughter named Pooja who has blood cancer. Soon Pooja falls for Raja’s charms. When Raja gets to know about all these, he cannot refuse Pooja because he feels for the dying girl. So he decides to keep a façade but Sumi comes back into Raja’s life and when she comes to know about Pooja she misunderstands again. Her godfather Vikram comes to kill Raja but in the end the confusions get cleared. The movie ends on a somewhat tragic note as Pooja dies, thus paving the way for Raja and Sumi to reunite.
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    Subhash Chandra Bose was born in an advocate family in Cuttack and received the best education in his childhood. He was deeply inspired by the headmaster in his school who introduced him to the lives and works of Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore. The incident of Khudiram’s hanging to death brought deep rich emotions within him and he decided to know his own country. He went to Presidency College, wherein, inspite of being an extraordinary student, he was expelled for assaulting Professor Oaten for speaking ill about India and Indians. He then joined Scottish Church college where he passed with flying colours. After a brief stint abroad, Bose returned India and initiated his mission of releasing India from the reigns of the British. He became the president for the Congress party and started motivating youngsters to start loving their country with their lives. The World War 2 brought about an opportunity for him to strike at the British. Therefore he sought assistance from the Japanese and formed the Azad Hind Fauj. Even today, the mystery of his death is yet to be unfolded.
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    Young Rashik lal is a notorious brat and the entire village, including his father was fed up with the boy. He is in love with the character ‘Pritthiraj’ and pretends to be ‘Sriman Prittiraj’ who was a great warrior. Soon he is suspended from school. His father gets him married thinking that marriage would bring staibility and seriousness in his life. He is married to the daughter of a babu whose only desire in life is to achieve the title of ‘Babu’. Rashik is super excited after he meets Antara, his wife, as she can not only read and write but can also converse in English. However this is shortlived and Rashik goes back to living his reckless life as a notorious brat. Situation gets out of control and this leads to a rift between the families of the newly wed groom and the bride. After much hassle and confusion the couple is not only united but they also develop a strong bond of love and friendship.
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    The story begins with a wise old sage narrating to his disciples the tale of Krishna. Once upon a time King Indrayumna and his wife, having heard about Sree jagannath, originally worshipped with the name Neela madhav by a tribal chief Viswavasu, sent out his faithful priest, Bidyapati in search of him. Bidyapati tried his best but was unsuccessful to exactly locate the place. However, he fell in love with Viswavasu’s daughter Lalita and they eventually get married. Vidyapati repeatedly requested Viswavasu to take him to the place where the latter worshipped Neela madhav and after sometime the tribal chief finally gave in.he took Vidyapati to the cave where he used to worship the lord but blindfondled him so that he could not see the way. Clever Vidyapati carried handful of mustard seeds, which he threw all the way to the cave so that he could locate the place later on. Some days later, the seeds germinated which enabled Vidyapati to find his way to the cave. After getting this news from Vidyapati, Kind Indrayumna at once made his journey towards Odhra desha, now known at Orissa, in order to get the opportunity to worship him. However, he was disappointed. The deity had disappeared, buried in sand, which finally led the King to go on a fast unto death on Mount Neela till the Lord appeared in front of him. This event was followed by a supernatural incident where an astral voice told him that his heart’s desire of seeing the Lord will be fulfilled. Then the King did a horse sacrifice and offered a temple to Lord Vishnu,Sri Narasimha murti brought by Narada was placed in the temple. The king had a vision of Lord jagannath and also an astral voice asked him to collect the perfumed woods from the sea shore and make idols out of them which he did. King Indrayumna thus became immortal in the pages of mythological history for his intense religious fervor and thereby the idols of Lord Jagannath,Balaram,Subhadra came into being and is still worshipped today, not only in our country but world wide.
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    Jayanta Chowdhury, a ground engineer is gravely injured and is received by his fiancé, Kuntala who takes care of him. However Jayanta is not at peace as he had smelled conspiracy. He returns to Kolkata much to Kuntala’s dismay and starts following another ground engineer Sandeep Mukherjee, who he believes is playing up against his employer. Jayanta gets together with the Intelligence Officer Ranjit Mitra and traces Sandeep’s wherabouts. Sandeep is actually involved with the criminals Krishn Chand and Abdullah who force him to plant a bomb in an international aeroplane. Sandeep, rather unwillingly gives in as he needs money to treat his handicapped younger brother. Although he loves a girl named Ruby he is unable to marry her because of the same reason. Jayanta takes up the name of Arun Ray and befriends Sandeep to know about him. He soon realizes that Kuntala was Sandeep’s sister. In the meantime, Sandeep is made aware of Jayanta’s identity and his relationship with Kuntala and he decides to own up everything to him. However he is shot by the criminals but manages to own it up just before he dies. The criminals are caught and their conspiracy fails. Jayanta and Kuntala get together again.

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Movie Director
  1. Agradoot
  2. Ajoy Kar
  3. Anjan Chowdhury
  4. Arbinda Mukherjee
  5. Asit Sen
  6. Basu Chatterjee
Music Director
  1. Asim Bhattacharya
  2. Joy Dev Sen
  3. Manebendra Mukhopadhyay
  4. Nikhil Chatterjee
Movie Realease Year
  1. 1933
  2. 1937
  3. 1939
  4. 1940
  5. 1942
  6. 2000
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  1. Children
  2. Comedy
  3. Suspense
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  2. Color
  1. Deepanker Dey
  2. Jishu Sengupta
  3. Mahua Roy Chowdhury
  4. Rati Agnihotri
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