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Bhanu-Jahar Bioscope Vol-1


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jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat's this?TROPHY CASEI really don get the vitriol between the two groups. I know how to drive both but personally prefer to drive automatics simply because I don like shifting gears. I don find it enjoyable or fun and it distracting to me, plus clutches are annoying in hilly areas or traffic. But I don mind manuals since I know some people like shifting and feel they have more control. It just not for me personally. This is apparently unacceptable because since I European I should hate automatics and think of Americans as dumb for using them. And if I like automatics I should bash manuals as being outdated or something like that. Wtf?
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If that needs to be made more clear in our sidebar, wiki or elsewhere, then perhaps we should crack down by tighten up our rules so we can make sure people know what TIL is all about and there are no more misunderstandings. Although I contend it fairly obvious what the subreddit is for. A few TIL mods come to this subreddit and repeat this same spiel that TIL isn a personal soapbox to push agendas. They been repeating it for a while now. I personally think it an effort in futility to pander to the conspiracy crowd but I guess the hope is that they can educate a few people so it may not be all for naught.
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Items 21 to 30 of 54 total

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