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Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner Mrinal Sen

Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner Mrinal Sen

Product Review (submitted on August 21, 2015):
The next phase in my testing was a cystoscopy where they go in and look at the bladder. I was awake but relaxed with Ativan for this and while it was uncomfortable it wasn terrible. The bottom of my bladder looked like red angry eyeball with red spots. That all they needed for diagnosis on me. I heard that not always the case and there can be further testing from that point, but I didn need it. For pain, I was prescribed Urelle for pain (the blue pills that turn your urine blue) because you can take it everyday as opposed to Uristat. Advil helped too in reducing inflammation. I also got allergy testing and eliminated foods from my diet that I tested postive for. I used this product called Prelief that reduces acid in food. You take it before you eat anything acidic.
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