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90 Ghanta

90 Ghanta

Product Review (submitted on August 26, 2015):
Kind of. My period is very regular (I not on any birth control, this is how my body is). So as you can imagine I was flipping out when I was late at the end of summer 2013. I should mention my boyfriend and I use the pull out method (I know, I know). Anyways basically when I was supposed to get my period in August I got a day or so of very light spotting. My period is obvious and lasts about 5 days so this was unusual. Then nothing. I waited a couple weeks and peed on some sticks. Negative. Great, right? But still no period in sight. I got one in September finally. I use a period tracker on my phone and from what I can tell I basically skipped a whole period. Don know how or what happened but there was no baby inside me and now my periods are 100% back on track. If you really worried I say go to a doctor and have them do a blood test. Good luck!overview for Shippoyasha
oakley schutzbrille
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