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Batul The Great (Hada-Boda) Vol-10

Batul The Great (Hada-Boda) Vol-10

Product Review (submitted on August 30, 2015):
Obviously this is something you have an issue with. This idea of permanence. Seriously there are a lot of things in your life you carry with you that are probably more permanent. Your decisions being at the top of the list. Why does the idea of something being with you "til the day you die" strike such a cord with you? Genuine curiosity, here. I am not trying to be a dick. I see this argument on a lot of tattoo posts and it isn something I understand. I see a lot of anti tattoo rhetoric that uses this as its anchor. I just don see the big deal or why it should be so scary. You marry someone with the idea that it is permanent. Major purchases are intended to be for 30 years (like a mortgage). So in all honesty and without hostility I am trying to understand why you feel this is such a serious decision. If you don want to discuss it, I understand and no hard feelings.overview for sistersunbeam
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