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Batul The Great (Hada-Boda) Vol-1&2

Batul The Great (Hada-Boda) Vol-1&2

Product Review (submitted on September 1, 2015):
Nor do I think it a reason to forget other mass killings, but what in my eyes is the worst about the holocaust is the fact that it been organised and for lack of a more fitting word it been optimised as a process. As long as people have recognised differences between each other peole have fought and done terrible and at times wicked things to each other, but before the Holocaust, genocide has never been an actual industry. It does matter that others have done it in significantly bigger numbers, but liek the production of a weapon, it doesn matter who made the most, the one who made it first gets the real credit. And Nazi Germany was the first to cross the line into industrialising genocide. That why the Holocaust is remembered over more numerous casualties like Mao and Stalin have wrought.
bogner winterjacke herren
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